Helpful Info

Whether you are moving from one neighborhood to another within the Rochester, NY area, or soon to become a new resident, there are many details that need attention. To start: water, garbage service, recycling, gas and electric, telephone, Internet and newspapers. Start here to find out more about what you need to complete your move.

Business and Professional Organizations

Consumer Services

Driver’s License

Emergency Numbers

Gas and Electric/Utilities

Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Speech Impaired/Relay Service

  • New York Relay Service (emergency and non-emergency)
    Phone: 7-1-1
  • Hearing Persons
    To communicate with hard of hearing, deaf, speech-impaired who uses a TTY call, toll-free, 24-hours: 1-800-421-1220 or 7-1-1.
  • TTY Users
    If you are hard of hearing, deaf or speech-impaired – type your message on a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) by calling, toll-free, 24-hours 1-800-662-1220.






Post Office/Change of Address

Refuse & Recycling